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IMMEO offer an innovative concept in order to :

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Why choose IMMEO ?


Nowadays selling a flat or a house is increasingly difficult as the market has become more and more competitive. IMMEO use the best technology to sell your place.


7 actions to sell your property.


3 proposals to suit your needs.


The power of the best real estate website.


The power of the best social network.


A website to present your properties.

We create a website


We use the latest technology. Video, wide angle photography, drone, and more !

The website works with all devices and screen sizes.

We create an exceptional display window in order to present your property in the best way possible. An exclusive and complete website will allow potential buyers to discover your flat or house under the best conditions possible from anywhere and from any device, be that computers, tablets or smartphones.

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IMMEO propose 3 innovative and competitive offers to suit your needs.


Fee of 1.25%

You decide to limit the expense linked to the sale of your property and you are willing to execute some tasks. IMMEO will give you the tools you need to successfully sell your property. A coaching interview will allow you to do a part of the process yourself.

- Creation of a full website

- Wide angle photography

- A compleet PDF file

- Appraisal of th ...Read more


Fee of 2.25%

The preferred package! You outsource the totality of the sales process to IMMEO who will do everything possible to sell your place quickly and at the best price.

- Advice on Homestaging

- Creation of a full website

- Wide angle photography

- A complete PDF file

- Appraisal of your property

- We promote on the best real es ...Read more


Fee of 3% + 0.5%

You outsource the sales process to several real estate agencies and IMMEO as well. The services are much the same as the "Exclusive" package. However, the tarif is different as IMMEO will build a full website that the other real estate agencies will be able to use. 0.5% will be invoice for the website if the proprety is sold by Immeo or another agencie.

- Advice on Homestaging
...Read more

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